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Janine Conway

Intervention Specialist, CE/AOGPE
Home West Jefferson (Central Ohio) Ohio United States Work Phone: 614-879-4257

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This is my 19th year, teaching as an Intervention Specialist within a public school district in Central Ohio. Five years ago I began training under a Fellow in the Orton Gillingham Academy, completing Basic and Advanced courses. In addition, I have completed the practicum to receive a Classroom Educator certificate under the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators. This year I will continue my practicum under a Fellow, working toward an Associate certificate. In my daily practice with students in grades K-12, I am comfortable instructing a wide range of students in terms of reading development, language development, and academic skills. This includes students, who are English Language Leaners, or receive speech as a related service. I believe that all student can progress academically and develop a love of learning, as long as they are given the proper instructional and emotional support.

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