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Betty Macomber

Master Certified Barton Tutor, LiPS provider, Certified Irlen Screener 1 in 5 Dyslexia Tutoring and Learning CenterOwner/Founder
Home Dale City VA Home Phone: 571-296-8558 Website: 1 in 5 Dyslexia Tutoring and Learning Center

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Tutoring since 2010, when I discovered my son had dyslexia, even though the school insisted it was only his ADD/ADHD and the solution was more medication. Through his success, I pursued further education and certification. I now have a small business, with highly trained experienced tutors who also have children with dyslexia, and some with more learning difficulties. All tutors are experienced working with students with ADD/ADHD. We also offer Equipping Minds, a cognitive skills development curriculum. This program uses a holistic approach, incorporating cognitive skill exercises, sound therapy, reflex therapy, exercise and a healthy diet.