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Orton Gillingham Tutor Nancy Barth TutoringOwner
Home 1454 E. Stuart Avenue Fresno CA 93710 United States Home Phone: 949-294-3424 Website: Nancy Barth Tutoring

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Nancy Barth Tutoring began as Barth Educational Consultants when Nancy retired from teaching in public schools and moved back to Fresno, California, to live the easy life. She never wanted to retire from improving the lives of others through education, but needed a more flexible schedule to help care for her first grandson.

Her services include specialized tutoring for dyslexia using multisensory strategies and techniques, academic support for children, teens, and young adults with autism/Asperger’s, as well as other specialized tutoring and consulting services. She works with all ages.

She believes in the Whole Child and is an expert at developmentally appropriate education. To learn more and join the discussion, visit her blog where you can find posts about iPad apps, reading, writing, handwriting, math, processing disorders, social skills, organizational skills and more.

Nancy is also an avid reader and enjoys proofreading book manuscripts for indie authors.

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Tutor Mary Converse, Dyslexia Assessment and TutoringOwner/Founder
Home 28315 Nield Ct Santa Clarita CA Home Phone: 661-297-6363

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Tutoring with the Narron System for 14 years all levels.

*Online tutoring available

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Orton Gillingham Tutor
Home Phone: 310-466-5146
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Dyslexia & Intervention Teacher
Home Pasadena CA Home Phone: 713-472-9715

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Hi, my name is Ms. Penn. I am a state certified elementary/special educator, CPE provider for T.E.A. (#902-360), and a dyslexia/intervention teacher. My experience includes presenting workshops at the district and regional levels.

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