Understanding ADHD

– $39.95

This webinar presentation is nearly an hour in length and will provide you with a wealth of information. Brittany Monro will cover the following topics related to attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: 

  • Definition
  • Symptoms and commonly co-occurring symptoms
  • Current statistics
  • Screening tools
  • Evaluation
  • Diagnosis
  • Parenting recommendations
  • Teaching recommendations

Materials included with the purchase of this webinar are as follows: 

  • Webinar Workbook
  • Free ADHD Screener
  • Positive Self-Statement Cards
  • Consequences and Rewards Chart
  • Self-Monitoring Activity
  • Mood Chart
  • Links to ADHD Resources

NOTE: Immediate access to all webinar content is given after enrollment. Thus, all sales are final.

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