Orton Gillingham Lesson Plan Package

The Orton Gillingham Lesson Plan Package is specifically for individuals who have taken the OG Basic Language Course & is designed to make your planning time more effective and efficient. 

This package includes:

  1. An informal coding skills assessment
  2. What you need to deliver an Orton Gillingham lesson
  3. Teaching aids to assist as you get started
  4. How to edit your lesson
  5. Steps to follow for the drill work (visual, auditory & blending)
  6. Voiced & unvoiced phonemes
  7. Steps for teaching a new phoneme
  8. Steps for teaching spelling & dictation
  9. Steps for teaching a new spelling rule
  10. Steps for teaching a new syllable type
  11. Syllable division rules
  12. Steps for introducing red words
  13. Red word checklist
  14. Lesson plan template
  15. Lesson plan instructions
  16. First day lesson plan
  17. Starting gate for your student(s)
  18. OG Practitioner’s Notebook
  19. Student Workbooks – Volumes 2-4
  20. Pre-reader resources
  21. Power Point lesson presentations for whole group instruction

This package serves to minimize the planning time for teachers who are already pressed for time. The lesson plans are to be used as a guide and can be tweaked where necessary to best meet the individual needs of your student(s).

We understand the importance of progress monitoring and data collection to optimize the RTI experience; therefore, we are including an informal assessment of encoding/decoding skills with this package. Throughout the RTI process, we need to use testing protocol that targets the skills we are teaching. This assessment targets the skills taught when using the Orton Gillingham Approach with your students. It is designed to collect 3 benchmark data points & certainly can be modified to use as a progress monitoring tool by simply using the portion of the assessment you are targeting the most with your student during intervention time (reading, spelling or letter sounds).


It was difficult to put a price tag on the wealth of information found in this package. We are confident that you will find it very useful as you teach your students the English language.

We welcome you and invite you to contact us should you have questions about our courses. We also encourage you to create an account with us to be updated as to what is new here at the academy.


  1. Is this Lesson Plan Package a course?

No, the Lesson Plan Package is a resource that can be used to supplement previous Orton Gillingham training. This resource is intended to help minimize planning time for Orton Gillingham practitioners. 

  1. After I go through the material in this package, will I receive a certificate of completion? If so, what will the certificate say?

We do not provide certificates of completion for workshops and webinars. However, upon request we can provide a certificate for PD hours that states that you have completed a 5-Hour Lesson Planning Workshop.

  1. Do I have to create a different username and password for Moodle, or can I use the same one that I created when taking the Level 1 Basic Language Course?

You can use the same login information to enroll in any of the courses at Orton Gillingham Online Academy, including webinars and other additional resources. Once you create the username and password for Moodle, you can use that login information for any courses or packages that you purchase. All of your purchased courses will then appear under the “My Courses” link on the left-hand side of the page.

  1. What happens if I forget my username and password?

If you forget your login information, you can follow the link that states “Forgotten your username or password?” This link will take you to a page in which you can type your username or email address. Once your account is located, you can then reset your password. If you continue to have trouble with this process, you can send an email to [email protected] for further help.


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