Multisensory Instruction: Strategies for One-on-one Sessions or Stations in the Classroom

This webinar presentation is 30 minutes in length and provides a wealth of information and materials. In this webinar, Brittany Monro covers the following topics related to multisensory instruction:  


  • What is multisensory instruction? 
  • Three learning pathways 
  • Incorporating the three learning pathways when teaching
  • Benefits of multisensory instruction
  • Fine motor activities
  • Gross motor activities
  • The importance of crossing the midline and crossing the midline activities
  • 8 multisensory activity ideas (which can also be used as stations in the classroom)


You will also receive a plethora of free materials and resources, as well as links to additional materials you may want to purchase to add to your multisensory toolbox! 

Free materials included with this webinar: 


  • Webinar Workbook
  • Traceable Card Decks with and without images
  • Printable Storyboards for the multiple spellings
  • Sound to Picture Matching Game
  • Beginning Sound Bingo
  • Syllable pattern cards for sorting activity
  • Slimy Syllabication Deck
  • A “Multisensory Shopping List” with links to purchase items of your choice

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