Executive Functioning



This webinar presentation is 75 minutes in length and will provide you with a wealth of information. Marcy McIver will cover the following topics related to Executive Functioning:


    • Understanding of what EF is and the 11 Sub-skills based on P. Dawson and R. Guare’s work
    • Explanation of each subskill and how it affects learning and behavior
    • Explanation of how EF effects reading
    • User-friendly questionnaires to determine Executive Function strengths and weaknesses
    • Checklists for EF difficulties to use in the classroom
    • Toolbox of strategies to use in the classroom
    • Tier 1 Intervention for promoting EF in the classroom
    • Designing intervention


Materials included with the purchase of this webinar are as follows: 

    • Webinar Workbook
    • Executive Function eBook of over 70 pages
    • Powerpoint for classroom use
    • Discussion forum in which you can dialogue with other participants and the facilitators.




Marcy McIver has a Bachelor of Education in Special Education and a MSc in Brain-Based Learning with a major in Literacy and Reading. She has been teaching for 15 years and has spent the last three years providing remedial intervention to children with dyslexia. She is passionate about helping students with various learning differences, and teaching others how to better support this population using cognitive neuroscience to maximize motivation and learning.

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