Fuse the powerful connection between touch and learning with the TacScreen! A perfect multisensory tool to use during an Orton Gillingham lesson.


TacScreen is a clear, film-like cover that adds the sense of touch to flat touch-screen devices, allowing users to actually feel the letters, numbers and sight words associated with all educational applications.

TacScreen technology re-engineers one-dimensional touch-screen devices, turning them into multi-sensory learning tools. And TacScreen is particularly powerful for learners diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and autism as well as for other groups of tactile learners.


Take tactile learning to new heights

Incorporating the sense of touch has always been fundamental to early education. Hands-on learning is a proven technique for teaching both tactile and traditional learners.

While tactile learners enjoy various manipulatives and media, the addition of TacScreen to classroom touch-screen devices gives teachers an innovative way to incorporate the genius of mobile applications with the organic and fundamental sense of touch.

With TacScreen, teachers can add a tactile experience to any touch-screen device, expanding students’ access to digital learning and reducing the need for other, and often messier, tactile learning techniques.


Take the frustration out of learning the fundamentals

TacScreen was developed by the parent of a child diagnosed with dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, dysgraphia and ADHD — a parent who watched a brilliant, active child that excelled in problem solving struggle with the fundamentals of early education like learning the alphabet, correlating sounds to letters, retaining sight words, phonetics and spelling.

The use of TacScreen on your in-home touch-screen devices will promote focus, motor-skill development and retention. Provide a truly tactile experience when completing school, learning specialist or tutoring assignments, and when using any digital application or game. And TacScreen doesn’t interfere with normal iPad functionality and fun.

Adding the sense of touch smoothes the learning process, increases the user’s comfort level and provides an additional tactile learning opportunity.


Advance learning, one touch at a time

Learning specialists traditionally incorporate the sense of touch while treating patients diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, loss of cognitive functionality due to age or brain injury and ADHD purely based on its tried-and-true success.

With TacScreen, professionals are able to transform their one-dimensional iPads into multi-sensory learning devices. Instead of having patients trace letters, sounds or words in sand or other materials, specialists have opened the door to 21st century learning.

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