Informal Orton Gillingham Coding Assessment


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We understand the importance of progress monitoring and data collection to optimize the RTI & Special Education experience; therefore, we have created an Informal Orton Gillingham Coding Assessment that aligns with our curriculum.

NOTE: This coding assessment is included in the Lesson Plan Package, as well as both Level 1 (Basic Language) and Level 2 (Advanced Language Continuum) courses.


Throughout the intervention process, we need to use testing protocol that targets the skills we are teaching. The Informal Orton Gillingham Coding Assessment targets the skills taught when using the Orton Gillingham Approach with your students.

It is designed to collect 3 benchmark data points & certainly can be modified to use as a progress monitoring tool by simply using the portion of the assessment you are targeting the most with your student during intervention time (reading, spelling or letter sounds).

Place word lists, spelling list & letter sound sheet in page protectors and store in a small 3-ring binder. Make copies of the recording sheets (for both reading and spelling), results sheets & graph and keep several copies in your binder as well to ready yourself for assessing your student.

We are thrilled to continue to add to our array of teaching products & trust this Informal Orton Gillingham Coding Assessments will compliment your collection of testing protocols…


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