Advanced Language Continuum Course

The Orton Gillingham Online Academy is excited to launch the Advanced Language Continuum Course in April!

The Orton Gillingham Advanced Language Continuum Course course will cover:

1.) The essential elements for a teaching program
2.) Working with older students
3.) Multisensory teaching approach
4.) Advanced drill work procedures
5.) Suggestions for working with groups
6.) Procedures for teaching reading
7.) Procedures for teaching spelling
8.) Syllable patterns & syllable division rules
9.) Accent & Schwa
10.) Advanced lesson planning
11.) Affixes
         a. Prefixes
         b. Suffixes
         c. Roots
15.) Teaching grammar
16.) Advanced non-phonetic words
17.) …& more

This Orton Gillingham Advanced Language Continuum Course is comprehensive and will include everything you will need to deliver successful advanced language lessons to your students, including a syllabication unit with deck & lesson plans. The all-inclusive enrollment fee is $895. 

For the first 50 of you who respond to this email, reserving a spot in our Orton Gillingham Advanced Language Continuum Course, the academy has a special gift for you upon enrolling.


If you would like to take learning the English language to the next level for your students, I encourage you to respond to this email today and reserve your spot in our Advanced Language Continuum Course. We would love for you to join us for this wonderful time of learning!

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